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Monday, December 27, 2010

What's the best way to hold my camera?


Holding your camera steady is important. If you don't, your pictures may come out blurry or not centered. Start with a solid stance. A boxer stance is usually best. Stand with your feet a little wider than your shoulders width apart with your non dominant foot (for right handed people your left foot and vice versa) in front. Next, put your right hand on the right side of the camera so that you can control the shutter and other buttons, and use your left hand to cradle the lens. Even if you're using a shorter lens it is important to get used to having your left hand where it can steady the camera and allow for manual focus if needed. Next, tuck your elbows in and rest them on your chest or belly. This will keep the camera from moving around too much. If you hold your elbows away from your body, you are more likely to move a little when you click the shutter button.
Also, try to get in the habit of taking a regular breath and hold it for a second as you press the shutter button. It will teach you to "settle" just before you take the shot. It will really help at slower shutter speeds.
How to stand

For an even steadier position try centering your weight by kneeling, sitting down, or leaning on something.

Some cameras have the option to use "live view" looking at the LCD instead of through the viewfinder on the camera. If possible, compose and shoot through your viewfinder. Holding your camera away from your body and looking at the LCD to compose gives you a less steady foundation and you will potentially be moving the camera when you push the shutter button. Get used to squeezing the shutter button gently and then holding for a second before you drop the camera from your eye. This will ensure that the shutter has had time to open and close with less potential for blurring.
using live view

Keep Hitting That Shutter Button!

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