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Want to get your camera off of automatic? Come to digital photography classes in Tampa and learn what shutter speeds and apertures do. Photo 101, Photo 101 Boot Camp, intermediate and specialized classes are offered. You can also get private lessons with your camera or borrow a loaner! Most classes are held at central locations in Tampa. Here are 5 things to consider when selecting a photography class . Quit setting your camera on automatic! For more info see Tampa Photography Classes and Tampa Photography workshops tab at my web site. Let's get clickin'!

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Sunday, September 2, 2018

Photography 101 Boot Camp-1 day intensive photo class in Tampa

Photo 101 Boot Camp- 1 Day Intensive Photography Class

So, you used to shoot a lot but have forgotten the basics. Or, you would really like to learn the essentials of how to use your camera but you want to do it quickly. Photo 101 Boot Camp is for you! This intensive four-hour photography class reviews the important buttons and dials on your camera and how to use them. Then we hit  the streets for a couple of practice sessions to use the knowledge you gain in class. There will be plenty of time for questions, examples of techniques, and demonstrations to help you learn.
This 1/2 day photo class will help with your camera confusion

This class gives you the  distilled version of the 5-week Photo 101. Are all of those buttons too confusing? Are your pictures coming out too dark or too blurry? Is the whole thing just overwhelming? This class will really help! We review the important stuff like aperture settings, shutter speeds, and ISO. Then we talk about how to use them. We even touch on composition and basic camera techniques that help you amp up your photography game.
Photo 101 Boot Camp is taught in the beautiful Portico building in Tampa

The Bootcamp meets at The Portico, a beautiful space in downtown Tampa and a great location for our practice sessions outside. Coffee and a continental breakfast are also provided.
We will have 2 practice sessions for one on one help

Photo 101 Boot Camp is a four hour intro photography class filled with fun and information on using your camera and includes two practice sessions, a free continental breakfast in a beautiful space all for $75 bucks. Yep! Join us!
What to bring:
  1. Your camera, with fully charged battery and empty memory card
  2. Your lens(es),
  3. Your camera manual
  4. Note taking material and a copy of the handout (sent with registration)
  5. Your questions and a willingness to make mistakes!
We will be walking around outside (weather permitting) most likely  for several blocks. Please be prepared with comfortable shoes and layered clothing.
Many people have enjoyed this class with a point and shoot camera, but an SLR or mirrorless camera or any rig that has manual controls will better compliment the lessons.
Please be advised that due to the size of the class and room reservation, refunds or changes can only be made up to two weeks before that start of class.

The next class is scheduled on Saturday October 27, 2018 from 8:30 - 12:30 p.m. rain or shine! Cost for the 4 hour Photography 101 Bootcamp  is $75.00

1/2 day Tampa photography class

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